Digital Selective Calling for Safety and Reliability

DSC RadioDSC Distress Communications Form
The use of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) in VHF and SSB radios is relatively new and not widely understood.  This paper will give the reader a broad view of what DSC is and how it applies to recreational boats. Web site links and references are included for more detailed explanations. A simple form to guide you incase of emergency is included.  See other Safety at Sea resources and Offshore Communications resources.

Digital Selective Calling and Search & Rescue Areas
Important information on Digital Selective Calling, MMSI, AIS and Search and Rescue areas in the Atlantic and Pacific. In the fast-moving world of marine electronics, this is an important, comprehensive review of how to make the most of your DSC-capable VHF and SSB, and how to use the technology available to maximize your chances for a successful rescue at sea.