Solo: Joe Harris Around the World

CCA member Joe Harris is circling the world. A non-stop solo effort intended to break records. Joe will be seeking to break the standing record of 137 days 20 hours in his Class 40 racing machine. Joe's been training and preparing for this for a long time.  We wish him luck!

His site is here:

Track his progress here:

From Joe's manifesto:
"While a voyage of this length truly tests a boat and skippers durability and resilience, I remain vulnerable to a mechanical or technical failure to a key piece of gear like the auto-pilots, the sails, the watermaker or my energy systems- solar, hydro and diesel. However, the boat has been through a complete refit under the watchful eye of Maine Yacht Center GM and Open 60/ Class 40 expert Brian Harris, as well as master Class 40 preparateur Rob Windsor, and now I just need to get some sea miles under the keel with the new systems. I have also upgraded my onboard satellite communications system and will now be able to send photos and video from the boat in addition to emails, so that should be entertaining! I have learned my lesson though, and there will be no online discussion of bodily functions… :)"